Sunday, July 30, 2006

Miami Vice

We saw Miami Vice tonight. Let me say first that I liked it quite a lot. It is very gritty, filmed in a grainy way with hand-held cameras. It's tough and ugly and nasty....and at the same time, more than a little cheezy, with some pretty bad dialog along the way. Action-packed. Three salties on the five anchovy scale.

In the middle of the film, Tuffy P leaned over to me and says, there's David Cronenberg, pointing to a head in the dark a couple rows ahead of us. No way. Way. No way. Way. Look, he's the only guy staying for the credits, it's him. No way. Way. I think the way side won the debate. David, if you're out there, care to share your thoughts on the film?


greatwhitebear said...

I saw Pirates II last night. First Johnny Depp movie n a very long time I didn't care for. NOt nearly as good as the original.

Wish I'd seen Miami vice, instead.

Radmila said...

We saw it this weekend too...but we thought that both Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell forgot how to act.
That fake grovelly voice on Farrell was too much.
It was ok, but we thought that it should have stayed a tv series.