Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mission Impossible 3

Ok, um Tom Cruise running, Tom Cruise running some more, stuff blowing up, beautiful fast moving shots, bad guys, bad guys you thought were good guys, goofy masks, Tom Cruise running faster, more stuff blowing up, Tom Cruise has to save the girl, who it turns out is quite comfortable blasting bad dudes with guns, Tom Cruise running some more, yadayadayada.

Lots of fun, really bad acting - OK actioner - 2 1/2 salties


greatwhitebear said...

I think I'll wait till it comes on network tv

* (asterisk) said...

Now that's my kind of review! But you didn't mention Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Is his role really so small? Surely he was the only thing worth watching for.

Like greatwhitebear, I'll wait for the network TV showing!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the salties and to hell with the thumbs! If I may add to this articulation (far more precise than the film itself): they lost the franchise (it was already in terrible trouble with episode 2) entirely, the essence, the MI brand, they haven't got a clue and it's completely dead. (Hollywood doesn't understand serialization: they only understand "That works? Then more more MORE!") This was run amok in the "modern Bond" vein = cruise control boring, unbelievable (even with suspension of disbelief), and of course appalling acting, yes even PSH was terrible (some fine actors can make do with straw, but no goldspinning here). Skip it on TV too (esp. network, yikes!). -ab

Lola said...

Just as I thought...I cannot stand that guy and wouldn't be able to sit through the film without heckling the screen... ooh, now there's an idea.

And, by the way, this is an AWESOME review!