Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thunderbirds Online

Remember The Thunderbirds, the British "Supermarionation" marionette TV show? There were two feature films made too, Thunderbirds are Go and Thunderbirds 6. We watched Thunderbirds are Go tonight. No wonder I loved this stuff as a kid. There was so much attention to detail, some humour, plenty of adventure, not to mention an explosion or two along the way. Did you know that the Tracey family in The Thunderbirds were modelled after the characters in Bonanza?


vox kadavergehorsamkeit said...

While i am quite sure that the Thunderbirds are good fun, if you are looking for the best 5 minutes of video that the net has to offer, i suggest you give episode 5 of Jesus Christ Super Cop a try.It can be found in the cancelled shows category of Channel 102.

mister anchovy said...

Are the other episodes as good?