Friday, December 23, 2005

Jerry in the kitchen

Jerry in the kitchen, originally uploaded by mister anchovy.

Jerry waits for the patychky to come out of the can see he's missing some teeth (only 5 left now....ain't he adorable?)


greatwhitebear said...

These pics are making me very hungry! I now have the same look on my face as Jerry (albeit with a few more teeth)

Here's hoping you and Tuffy have a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

mister anchovy said...

thanks very much GWB....all the best to you and your family as well.
p.s.....I just sampled a patychky, right out of the oven, and it brought me right back to my childhood, when mother anchovy would make a huge roaster of them each Christmas......

Wandering Coyote said...

Yes, this blog is making me very hungry right now, too! Great pictures of everything, especially Jerry.

Happy holidays!