Thursday, November 24, 2005

mister anchovy is a bone-head

Thanks Great White Bear, for emailing me to let me know that something was wacky with my comments. When I messed with my template a while back, I somehow or other enabled comment moderation, causing comments to this blog to go into limbo. And I thought maybe it was because the blog had become tired and boring. Comments should be back in business tonight.


zydeco fish said...

I was just about to tell you the same thing. Your blog is still intersting and I still love you :-)

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

tut tut tut!

Hey Man, we all have bones in our heads! Don't put put yourself down Mr. Anch. yerr a bril talent in so many areas from, art! ideas, music, and all yerr blog passions.

...As a boxing fan when I first heard of Roberto Duran "Hands of Stone`` Il Manos de pieta ... or busta yerr assa' having a quarter inch thicker skullpan than us common dudes then I figured it was a catch-all excuse to any present girlfriend.... "Like, Hey Babe, ya!! I have a thick skull and Man, like, it takes a while to sink in!"

OF COURSE... 3 babes used the hockey analogy that they didn't want to be married to a cement head... SO.. sigh.... I am a mite bit sensitive when I hear smart males calling themselves a bonehead...

... AND HAVE I LEARNED MY LESSON???? Like shit not NO!! I spent Yanqui Thanky, drinkin in a sports bar watchin football and like, Man o Man, Dallas Denver went into overtime and I was late for a date... and got called a bonehead!

Je suis il manos de cementheados!

Wandering Coyote said...

I was wondering what was going on. I left a comment while back and it never showed up. I was trying not to take it personally.

mister anchovy said...

It gets worse, my friends. After GWB pointed out the problem, I changed the setting, then didn't save the change, so I thought I had it fixed but didn't. However, now we're rocking and rolling, so comment at will.