Thursday, November 17, 2005


This was a fantastic show tonight at Massey Hall. These guys have been doing shows together on and off since 1990. Basically, they set up 4 chairs on stage, and the performers alternate. Guy Clark started it off by saying, we have no set list, we have no agenda. During some of the tunes, two or more of them played or sung together. Highlights? Memphis in the Meantime by John Hiatt was great. So was Guy Clark's Dublin Blues, and Joe Ely's Me and Billy the Kid. All the songs were top drawer and beautifully performed. I had expected that Lyle Lovett was going to seem out of place, but he was at home with just a guitar, in the company of Ely, Hiatt and Clark. If these characters come to your town, I highly recommend the show.


librariana said...

Hi. I'm a childhood friend of your niece. I fell out of touch with her probably 14 years ago. (My family used to live across the street from your parents.) Could you pass along my e-mail address to her:

By the way, you're blog is quite entertaining. I stumbled across it when looking up Toronto artists.

Take care - hope you enjoyed the show tonight!

mister anchovy said...

will do....I don't know her email, but I'll let her know at Christmas. cheers.