Saturday, November 26, 2005

Daily chores are enjoyable with ...

via Mookie
Ok, how many Ronco / Popeil products have graced your house? C'mon, fess up. Anyone have the solid flavor injector? How about the Inside-the-shell egg scrambler? We used to have a father had it set for thumbs one day when he was helping out my involved a trip to the hospital, stitches, but no serious damage.

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greatwhitebear said...

the only Popiel/Ronco product I have ever owned was the original Vegematic.

However, my friend has the food dehydrator, my ex wife has the professional rotisserie, my son has the knife set, and a a coupleo of guys I canoe with have pocket fishermen.

while I don't own any ronco products, I borrow a lot of Ronco products (i hihgly recommend the Showtime rotiserrie and the food dehydrator