Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Calwin Falls

Calwin Falls, originally uploaded by mister anchovy.

This is Calwin Falls, the first of two significant drops on the Sand River. There are two lovely campsites here, one at the edge of the falls, and the other at the bottom, under some cedars. This is one of the loveliest spots on the river.

When we first arrived on the river, we met a party of 6 college friends, also tripping down the river. That first night, they showed up at our campsite, expecting to find it empty. There was lots of room, it was going to soon be dark, and the next site was at least two hours away, so we suggested they camp at the same spot as us. They hurried to get set up. One fellow was cutting firewood with a hatchet, and in his haste, had an unfortunate accident. The hatchet bounced from the log and skidded into his leg, cutting through his sock and creating a deep gash. It looked serious. Later, Mike and I talked about it and thought we may have turned back and taken the train back to the Sault had it happened to us. One of their crew seemed to know a lot about first aid and he dressed the wound well. Days later, at Calwin Falls, we met up with their group again. The fellow with the cut was doing well - thank God! They had kept the dressings clean and it was healing well. When it happened, the wound looked to need about 10 stitches. He was very fortunate it did not become infected.

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