Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Trout Unlimited Canada - Conserving Canada's Coldwater Resources

Going fly fishing this morning - first time out for the year. I'm hoping it will be a little warmer today than it has been.


greatwhitebear said...

How soon before the big canoe trip?

mister anchovy said...

We leave Toronto on the 20th and drive to Sault Ste Marie, which is more or less 7 hours from here. We're going to stay over in the Soo and board the ACR (Algoma Central Railway) on the morning of the 21st. The train ride is something like 5 hours. The train drops us off at Sand Lake, and from there we'll start. We've arranged a shuttle to get our car to the pull out, which is a mile or so above Superior (that mile is good trout water, but not canoeable due to a series of falls.

mister anchovy said...

p.s. no trout today. It was very cool and windy, and though there were some blue-wing olives emerging, the trout were not active at all. Great to get out though!