Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Does garlic protect against vampires? An experimental study

Since Mister Anchovy has posted a few things about Garlic, I thought I'd add another, a link to an abstract on PubMed.

The authors of the study couldn't find any vampires, so they used leeches and offer this surprising conclusion: leeches are attracted to garlic. And so, they offer this bizarre conclusion: "This study indicates that garlic possibly attracts vampires. Therefore to avoid a Balkan-like development in Norway, restrictions on the use of garlic should be considered."

This got me thinking that vampires have gotten a bad rap. I would really like to be a vampire (not the Buffy kind, mind you). It's all about power and glory and immortality. Just let me live a little longer as a mere mortal, and then I will be ready. Who wouldn't like to be a vampire?


greatwhitebear said...

That would work for me, I'm a night person anyhow!

Anonymous said...

I am a vampire. We are not creatures like out of Buffy. We are not Immortal. But for reasons beyond our control we must consume anothers energy whether by taking it via blood or pure energy (Psionically). Garlic and other items that are said to repel vampires are nothing more then myth, the only one that stands up in anyway is sunlight which we tend to get sunburned alot easier then most. 5 minutes will make most vampires Red as a lobster. but thats as far as it goes.