Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Question: does this kind of stuff go on in Canada? I mean, besides the Prime Minister banning Conan O'Brien from your shores?

Congressman Spencer Bachus wants "REAL TIME with Bill Maher" pulled off the air. He says remarks made by Maher on his May 13th show concerning the army's recruiting shortfall "borders on treason."

Replies Maher," In fact, a case could be made that it's a lot more treasonous for someone in his position to be wasting his time yelling at a comedian. Shouldn't he be training his outrage at such problems as troops not having enough armor? Wouldn't that ACTUALLY support our troops more? And citizens of this country who claim to support our troops should write this man and tell him GET BACK TO WORK! DO SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO SOLDIERS IN IRAQ!

Be sure to click on the links and read both stories....very entertaining stuff.

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