Friday, April 29, 2005

t_man's nameless lion

t_man's nameless lion, originally uploaded by mister anchovy.

After hearing about Jerry and Shadow and our whole pride of lions, t_man sam sent in this picture of his nameless rescued kitty. OK, if anybody else out there has rescued a cat, send in a picture (and story if you like), and I'll post it on mister anchovy.


T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

as Peacebang said.."The splayed toes say he mean bidness!"

'The Kitty' is with his fave toys.. He sleeps with the deer-true..and if you take them away he will jump on the bookcase and knock em to the floor.. the other toys are what he likes to knock down..

He is the gentlest sort.

'Bubbles' from TPB is the Canadian Patron Saint of "The lost kitties!"

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Kids say the darndest.....

The Kitty always has a pink flea collar... The only way to spot him sometimes.

My niece 10 and full of attitude recently proclaimed "Why does the Kitty have to wear a gay pride collar?"

Darn rotten Lil' kids my kitty ain't gay! He is liberal though!