Sunday, April 10, 2005


Jerry, originally uploaded by mister anchovy.

A big red tom showed up today on the stairs to our porch. Jerry drove him away by arching his back, and looking as fierce as possible. The tom didn't know Jerry is a teddy bear at heart.


T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Jerry reminds me of my previous great and long lived cat Eric!

Eric was personality +++. I have many Eric the cat stories.
Here is a quickie.

On my way north to Que. cottage country I stopped for gas at a busy Station.

While pumping... -gas- this gorgeous knockout french girl pulls up and starts to fill-er up on the other side.

I thought she had caught me x-raying her ... Then she started giving me the dirtiest looks which progressed to outright hatred. She
was really steaming.

I thought what did I do?? I tried smiling over the clang clang of the pumps.. Nothing she was trying to evaporate me!

I went into pay, and she held back on her side of the cars even though she was finished gassing up.

When I came out her car was there and she was no where to be seen.
I almost got a complex thinking and trying to place what creepy act I may have done to upset her so!!

I come around to the drivers side and there is the belle-fille halfway in my car! Her perfect little butt sticking out my window!

What-T-F -F F Fack!
Was she robbing me?? Grabbing my power tools lying on the seat?? My wallet? I had paid with cash from my pocket. This was La Belle Province of Quebec where I figured she must be robbing the 'anglo-bum' or spraying some separatist screed on my seats.

Not only that... BUT now I believed her to be a cuckoo crazy person as she was making weird mewling and kissing noises while
trying to grab something??!!?

"Excusé, pardon Ma'am" I asked very very politely. Really I was thinking get the F outta my car you wack job! This being Quebec I thought she must be some meth addicted stripper!

She was slow coming out of my car window with lot's of wiggling her mini-skirted butt.
"Take your time" I said while backing away from the car! I didn't know what she might try!!

Out she pops finally-- after some more very weird noises and RRroawing throaty noises. -NUTJOB-

I pop back some more.... shocked... because with a big smile she starts into some rapid fire french.. Then Eric the cat yawned!
Eric was plastered to her halter, rubbing her chin and purring like a transport truck.

I quickly translated her french and realized ol' Eric the cat had been wolf whistling her while she was gassing up. his "Morrr. -eer
unh eer voosh-skeetah" noises.
I had forgotten Eric 17 years old at the time had been in the car. He was so easy to transport you just put him on the backseat and he would pass out for the journey.

The french filly had thought it was me at first making the sexy noises!!
A cat lover herself, she realized when I left to pay, something else must be making the noises. It had been Eric calling to her through the open window. He had good taste in sexy women. (I couldn't hear him from my side with the pump dinging away).

She handed Eric back who started his wolf whistling again, and after some funny chatter about the incident I left with her phone
number and plans to see her pussy(cat) later that week.......

Eric was my pimpin Tom!

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Mr. A,

With all your cool photos I thought you and others be interested.

Google Maps now does Satellite imgaes!

You can go there punch in your addy and get a cool Sat-pic of where you live!
--post your neighb!

mister anchovy said...

thanks for the great story!!

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

I am virtually feeding Jerry this week!!
Some brain candy for Jerry!
Crack it open and Jerry might be magically healed!