Wednesday, April 20, 2005


this, from t_man sam of Ottawa, Ontario....for some reason, I've had a really difficult time posting this...


T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

The difficulty in posting this is that your pc needs to de-volutionize!! Return to the dark ages!!

hahaha... ok I didn't think anybody would post this.... (I am fine that's cool).

The laugh with this is, I used to stick any primate in third from left and e-mail it out.
People like George Bush, Jean Chretien, Tie Domi or any other knuckle dragging goof.

When I offended a yankee friends wife with Dubya Bush she said I should be on the evol chart.

So that is what I did! That's me head on the statue of Saddam that they ripped down in Baghdad as the body!! See! he was really reaching out to put his arm around the world.... (* I specifically wanted a body with arm up and NOT KNUCKLE DREAGGING).

....if it is meant for hunour why photoshop something seamlesly.

(* Mr. A I have been broadcasting and sending out the Big Show link to everyone!
Loookin forward to it!

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

And If I was to be on the Evol chart I would be rebelling, in clothes and looking in a different direction..scientists be darned!

Finally what if all those ancient evolutionary men we dig up were the bad men or retards of their society !??!

We look to them for answers to explain us, and what if they were the rejects of their primitive society... Like a 1000 years from now they dig up George Bush and not Abe Lincoln, Darwin, Ghandi or Mother Theresa.. ..(it would prove God has a delightful sense of humour!

mister anchovy said...

hey t_man, I received your crappy postcard today via chi-town....stag-o-lee says he thinks you're the illuminati....he isn't fooled for a second.

mister anchovy said...

ps....if you didn't think I would post this, you clearly overestimate a fishboy looking for posting material.....cheers